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Videos Covering Social Media in the Classroom

Here are a few videos that show what social media in the classroom can be like. They discuss a study that shows how it works, how teachers are using apps like Twitter, and how it enhances learning.

  1. Incorporating And Accounting For Social Media In Education, by Harry Dyer

Below is a Ted Talk by Harry Dryer. It’s 10 minutes, but worth every second. He explains that studying social media can help people understand how students act online and how it can be incorporated into education.

Harry Dryer

2. Using Social Media In The Classroom, by Kathy Cassidy

In this short clip, teacher Kathy Cassidy uses Twitter with her primary students. Watch and see how it works!

Kathy Cassidy

3. Social Media and Technology In The Classroom, Waterloo Schools

Finally, see how social media enhances this literature class. Instead of banning cell phones, a teacher directs students on how to use these devices to help the learning experience.

Waterloo Schools


Want to know more about social media and the classroom? Here are some statistics that represent students and teachers relationship to it. These numbers are based on surveys from the 2016 Digital Study Trends Survey and University of Phoenix College of Education Survey.

They show that students believe social media is a valuable part of learning, but teachers have not quite embraced it yet. For example . . .

  1. Almost half of the students that were surveyed, thats 46%, value being able to study on an online platform
  2. 60% are using their phones to study already
  3. However, almost all of the teachers surveyed, 87%  have not integrated social media yet.
  4. 44% did not know how social media could enhance the classroom

In these ways, social media is important to the classroom. That’s because most of the people that make up it, students, believe that they learn better with it!


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