Student Tools

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Twitter is a great tool for students to use for learning. Students can use Twitter to Coordinate assignments instead of using email or other forms of communication. They can also connect with the community, track hashtags, ask questions, chat with industry professionals, and keep up with current events. Twitter is a fun interactive way students can learn and build their own brand and is a great source for newsgathering. If used correctly Twitter can aide in research and help any student with their school assignments.

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A few ways Facebook can be used by students are: 

  1. Zoho– Zoho can be used as a source for documents by enabling you to merge documents on Facebook. 
  2. Notely– You can get your class notes arranged and organized with this Facebook app. 
  3. Language Exchange– You can connect with international students in Facebook groups and learn new languages.
  4. Typing Test – Practice and build typing and computer skills through Facebook with the Typing Test app.
  5. Quiz Monster – The quiz monster app gives students a good way to quiz themselves and learn new material.

These are just a few of the many ways students can use Facebook to learn and help with their education. Facebook also has apps such as SlideShare for slide shows , Worldcat to help with research, math challenge apps, and flash card apps.

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Quizlet is another way for students to learn on the internet. Quizlet has seven study modes which allow students to create their own content, use digitial flashcards, take practice tests and work on topics that they are struggling with. Quizlet is a great tool to learn materials whether it be for a test or quiz.